Vegetarian Times Review

Vegetarian Times Review
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I find that magazine subscriptions make really nice gifts with something to look forward to every time a new magazine is pushed through your door. If you are looking for a gift for somebody who likes to cook, then Vegetarian Times magazine will no doubt be much appreciated. VT isn’t just for vegetarians either! I enjoyed my subscription when I was eating meat regularly. We all need to eat more vegetables, and the magazine is loaded with veg-heavy recipes and cooking tips!

It is published nine times during the year and is filled not only with delicious, vegetarian, vegan and healthy recipes, but also includes other health, beauty, wellness and eco-conscious topics and articles from nutritionists and doctors. So in each magazine you’ll find the newest nutrition and health food news, eco-friendly beauty tips and products, ideas for delicious and healthy recipes for busy people, vegan tips and recipes and lots more.

The photography in the magazine (including the cover) is beautiful and will inspire you to cook the mouth-watering vegetarian recipes contained within the magazine. The magazine would make a fantastic gift to any vegetarian, or people who want to add some vegetarian dishes and variety to their diet for a healthier lifestyle and to cater for vegetarian family members and friends.

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