Amazing Grass Chocolate Green SuperFood Drink Powder

Amazing Grass Chocolate Green Superfood Powder

The Chocolate Green SuperFood Drink Powder is a great way to help you and your family to get your 5 to 9 daily fruit and vegetable servings. The drink tastes delicious and can be part of your healthy eating diet. It comes in a 8.5oz bottle with a scoop. The recommended dosage is 1 -3 drinks daily.

Amazing Grass Chocolate Green Super Food contains only natural and organic ingredients such as:

* Organic alfalfa
* Organic barley grass
* Wheat grass
* Organic spirulina
* Organic spinach
* Organic chlorella
* Organic broccoli
* Organic dutch cocoa
* Organic redwood cocoa
* Organic cacao
* Organic acai
* Organic maca
* Organic carrot
* Organic beet
* Raspberry
* Pineapple
* Green tea
* And other nutritious ingredients.

The drink is 100% vegan and provides a wholefood nutrition with pre and probiotics. It is a super healthy chocolaty drink, all members of the family will enjoy.

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