Kim & Scott’s Gourmet Pretzel Review

Kim & Scott’s Gourmet Pretzel Review

It’s rare to find a convenience food that’s both healthy and tasty, but Kim & Scott’s gourmet pretzels win on both counts. I found these at the grocery store the other day and while I rarely buy convenience foods, these were on sale buy one get one free so I decided to try them out.

When I read the ingredients listing, I was pleasantly surprised to see that I could pronounce all of the ingredients. What’s more, the pretzels are made with whole grains and unbleached, non-bromated whole wheat flour. There was not one “mystery” ingredient or preservative anywhere to be found. The pretzels are free of trans fats and hydrogenated oils also. There’s nothing artificial about them.

I tried the pizza pretzels, the mixed berry and the twisted omelette flavors.

The pizza pretzel tastes just like it sounds, with cheese and marinara sauce. It’s delicious as a snack or lunch. The omelette pretzel is perfect for breakfast as it contains red pepper, egg and cheese baked inside. Excellent for those busy mornings where everyone is running around or if you’re headed out in the car early and want to give the kids something warm to eat. These can be baked in less than ten minutes. The mixed berry pretzel was delicious and perfect with hot tea or as a less sweet dessert.

I was extremely impressed with how delicious these were and how they are made from ingredients that I would have in my own kitchen. Since I won’t be taking the time to make stuffed pretzels from scratch anytime soon (or ever!), I will be buying these again.

2 thoughts on “Kim & Scott’s Gourmet Pretzel Review

  1. Thank you for the great review. Being all-natural with better-for-you ingredients is extremely important to us. We would love to send you a coupon for a free box of pretzels, given that you are a pretzel fan spreading the good word!

    Peace, Love & Pretzels

  2. I absolutely love these pretzels! I eat the breakfast, omelette, one on the way to work. It keeps me satisfied til lunch. Its nice to have a healthy, non greasy, natural tasting product available. I’d like to see more breakfast flavors please. I also love the cinnammon one too. I recommend these to everyone

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